Naissus or in modern times Niš is the third largest town in Serbia. It lies on the crossroads of South-East Europe: to the North you will find Belgrade (and further Northern/Western Europe) to the South you go to Athens and to the Southeast towards Sofia -Istanbul and further towards Asia Minor. Niš is also the birthplace of Constantine the Great, a Roman Emperor.

We went for a long weekend to Niš and we enjoyed it: it is a very nice town were the people are very friendly and when you are used to Belgrade everything goes a bit more “samo polako” (just relax). Is the mentality of the South ( it seems to exist in every country) ? The splendid nature around Niš ?  The rich culture and history ? The good food and drinks? I don ‘t know , we just enjoyed it and that’s what count. Here some small impressions of Niš.

The Nišava river flowing through Niš.
The “Istanbul” gate of the fortress of Niš.
The bridge over the Nišava river.
A square in the city center of Niš.
The “Latinska” church in Gornji Matevac (near Niš) from +/- 12th Century.

And if you do not believe me of Niš being on the crossroads , here a traffic sign in the center of Niš:

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