The area around the (current) main railway station is in development for the controversial Belgrade Waterfront project. The current station will disappear and new buildings will arise along the riverbank of the Sava river. Last Saturday (19/11/2016) construction workers, bus drivers, truck drivers, railway workers, refugees and a lonely trainspotter could be found.

Belgrade’s current main railway station where once the Orient Express arrived.

The preparations started with groundwork so I took the opportunity (maybe one of the last) to photograph these old steam-locomotives. With the help of other Balkan railway fans on the internet I got actually to know which types of locomotives I saw.

Once those locomotives were driving through the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and later Socialist Yugoslavia, connecting the people of Yugoslavia. We can only guess how many kilometers those locomotives were driving through snow, rain and heat. They connected business people, diplomats and loved ones with each other…

JŽ (=Yugoslav Railways) 01-085, Belgrade 19/11/2016.
JŽ serie 1 (click to enlarge) in better times…. Source: Wikipedia.
JŽ 01-085 (left) and 51 series ( right), Belgrade 19/11/2016.
JŽ 038-072, Belgrade 19/11/2016.
JŽ series 51, Belgrade 19/11/2016.

Now for ever sided in the rubbish and soon they will disappear because the future is waiting and it seems there is no place (so far) any more for those oldies…. Let’s hope they will not disappear as this is historical railway heritage.

Update 2018: they disappeared and nobody knows what happened….

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