“Pruga” (=Rails) is the monthly newspaper of the Serbian Railways (Železnice Srbije), which can be downloaded here (link). In the Netherlands we had something similar, it was called “Rails”, but that one disappeared already a long time ago.

On the 5th April I held a presentation for the Klub ljubitelja železnice Beograd (=the Railfan Club Belgrade). I got in touch with them already before and they asked me if I would like the give a presentation about the Dutch railways: sure no problem, with pleasure as I like trains and I worked for the railways myself and I am from a railway family. I asked some advice about the newest developments , collected some pictures from myself and held the presentation.

The presentation was held  in the club headquarters which is an old post wagon, standing on the main railway station of Belgrade, so location wise perfect. I did it in Serbian/ English and it went pretty well. There was also one journalist of the magazine “Pruga” who interviewed me , “et voila” , here is the result (click to enlarge):

Congrats for Josip, the journalist  who wrote the article very fast and in one time without any mistakes ( trust me that is a gift, I have seen it differently) . Already agreed is that I will give the same presentation (with less pictures although) to the Railway club in Pančevo, looking forward to it. I am proud that I can enlarge the Dutch-Serbian relationship in an unknown area (as I already did before, see www.secanje.nl) and bring it to another level 🙂 !

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