To escape Belgrade we decided to go with Catholic Christmas (Serbian Orthodox Christmas is at 7 January, read here) to go Divčibare which is 120 kilometers southwest of Belgrade and at an altitude of around 1000 meters above sea level. The first day we climbed Crni Vrh with an altitude of 1096 meter above sea level.

The view was amazing ! You can see a lot of mountain peaks of South Serbia (like Jasterbac, Kopaonik, Tornik, Stolovi, Kablar) and even some peaks in Montenegro (yes the same as when we were in Tara, see here).

Panorama view from Crni Vrh ( 1096 amsl).

We saw the sunset and the sky was on fire, really beautiful: I couldn’t take my eyes away from it.

First Christmas day we toured around a bit in the environment. We also visited a monument for two soldiers who were killed at the Kraljevo Sto (1104 asml) mountain during the illegal NATO bombardments on Yugoslavia in 1999.

When we were returning to our apartment in Divčibare we even saw Novak Djoković running around  with a big smile!

Novak Djoković as seen through my dashcam in Divčibare.

In the evening we had a wonderful meal and it started a snowing :-). So yes we had a white Christmas, magical !

When we had back to Belgrade on second Christmas day there was quite an amount of snow. We  slowly went down from 1000 meters towards Belgrade (at around 100 meters amsl) enjoying the magic winter landscape around Divčibare.  So yes we had a white Christmas !


Winter wonderland in Serbia.

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