Most possibly you have never heard of Ćićevac (Ћићевац), a town and municipality located in central Serbia (near Kruševac). According to 2011 census, the population of the town is 4,681, while the population of the municipality is 9,446. There  is a railway station which is on the main line from Belgrade ( +/-190 km) to Niš. That railway line is actually the link between Western Europe and Southeast Europe. Once the famous Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul was passing Ćićevac, besisdes many other internatal trains (like the Yugoslavia express from the Netherlands). It is on the main corridor X  : Venice / Vienna towards Istanbul / Athens and back.

Anyway I was here already in 2009 when I came from Skopje (Macedonia) on my way to Kraljevo. The train was delayed back then and I missed the bus in Niš and people in the train advised me to go to Ćićevac where I could take a bus to Kraljevo and so I did.

Twelve years later I was back in Ćićevac: I had a day off and I thought why not to take a bit the train, it was already 6 months ago I took the train. After studying the timetables it turned out this was the best stop and to take the train back to Belgrade and so I did.

So here some pictures of Ćićevac 2009 versus 2021….

Ćićevac hasn’t much changed since 2009, but I did 😉 ! I had a nice time today, the trip was nice and the people I met in Ćićevac were super friendly ! Good to see that some things do not change.