OK, for some people it would be strange to read now a blog from me about a car. yes it is true, I am writing about a car now, but not a normal car,no it is the car of my dreams, it’s a Zastava Fičo or “Fića”.

A picture of a “Fića”, Karljevo-Serbia, august 2008.

The Zastava 750 (Застава 750) was a car made by the Yugoslavian car maker Zavod Crvena Zastava. It was a version of the Fiat 600 made under license from 1965 (see more info here) and it is a car of my dreams.

Soon it is my birthday, so…. I think the car is quite cool, I think I can even park it here at home in the box where we stall our bikes…I love this car, because it looks is so cute….

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