This is part 5 already of the unwritten stories of my latest holiday’s in Serbia, under the title “U Srbiji je sve moguće”. This time I want to write you about relation between the police in Serbia and the registration process for foreigners.

Officially Dutch citizens do not need visa for Serbia, they can travel 90 days freely in Serbia, but it means also that officially you need to register when you stay by private persons. So the 17th May I went again for the third time to the Kraljevo police office and the lovely lady (above 50 years old, ex-communist probably and extremely friendly) did recognized me from last year. She did not spoke English, but my friend Darko translated for me.

The conversation went like this almost:

<Police>  Hey how are you?
<Me> I am fine, thank you
<Police> So you are here again?
<Me>Da (yes), I am here again.
<Police>So you are back, you are coming to marry here or what ?
<Me> No I don ‘t come to marry here, I am only visiting my friends.
<Police> Oh? But do you want to marry a Serbian lady?
<Me> I don ‘t know, I did not think about it, but I am not rejecting the idea.
<Police> Wait we take another form, the form you filled in was not correct.
<Darko> Do we need to buy a new form?
<Police> No I have one here for you. I will take it, one second.
<Police> When are you leaving?
<Me> 25th May, via Belgrado airport.
<Police> And when you are coming back ?
<Me> I don ‘t know, probably September
<Police> Do you know that my daughter studied architecture? She was on the high school with the name…
<Darko> Oh I have been studying there
<Me> What she is talking?
<Darko> Her daughter studied architecture
<Police>When you will be here next time and you want to marry a Serbian lady, let me know…
< Police> clabash……. (the sound of a stamp)
Have a nice time in Kraljevo and let me know, next time we will arrange something for you, a nice proper Serbian lady….

“U Srbiji je sve moguće”……. 🙂


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